How much are our program fees and when are they due?

Please click here to view our fees and payment schedule.

What hotel are we staying at for (this or any) tournament?

It’s up to you! NDPRO does NOT book hotels. It is the responsibility of each parent to reserve accommodations for his or her athlete each tournament. We will, however, provide you with tournament addresses so you can best plan your location. We will also let you know where the coaches are staying.

What about transportation to and from the tournament?

Again, it is the responsibility of parents to provide travel for their athlete to and from each tournament.


Parents are responsible for providing food.

Do I have to attend each practice in order to play in the tournaments?

You should make every effort to attend at least one practice per week at a minimum. However, we understand there will be times when it is simply not possible. In those cases, be sure to inform your coach as soon as possible and make every effort to be ready come tournament time.